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Skypark Preferred Family Care’s Philosophy

For the past decade, healthcare in our country has been undergoing significant change, continuing to create uncertainty for physicians and patients alike. Each day, traditional primary care physicians are seeing a growing number of patients, with less and less time to spend with each one. The physician-patient relationship, key to ensuring patient satisfaction and top-quality care, is increasingly at risk.

In 2006, Skypark Preferred Family Care began providing personalized family practice medical care that allows us to put our patients at the center of the healthcare experience, exactly where they belong. The ability to provide personalized, comprehensive family medicine, promptly and in an unhurried fashion, is proving transformative for all. Our patients truly appreciate the gift of more time… for longer office visits, for discussion and collaboration, for a real focus on health and wellness. We are equally gratified to serve as dedicated healthcare advocates, available wherever and whenever we are needed. The vital connection with patients has never been stronger or more meaningful. We believe the promise of concierge medicine is being realized every day, with every visit.

Let us work together to optimize your health so you can live your best life. It will be our privilege.

If you have any questions about our concierge medicine or to schedule an annual physical exam, call 310.375.1393. Our service area includes Palos Verdes, Rolling Hills, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Torrance and neighboring areas in the South Bay.

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