Womens Health

Did you know women are more prone to certain health disorders? For instance, anxiety and depression; these mental conditions are more likely to affect women more than men. Women are also exposed to a higher mortality risk resulting from heart attack. What's more, they are likely to experience more serious effects from sexually transmissible diseases than men.

There are health concerns equally shared by both men and women and there are conditions that are exclusive to women. Health issues like menopause and pregnancy complications are female-specific. Other conditions that only affect women include gynecologic issues like menstrual irregularities, vaginitis, uterine fibroids and pelvic floor disorders.

Pregnancy issues include stillbirth and miscarriage risks, preterm labor or premature birth and birth defects. Some women may also experience breastfeeding concerns. As for infertility issues, these health concerns include primary ovarian insufficiency, polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis.

Timely medical intervention is crucial to better chances of success at addressing these women's health issues.


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