Preventive Medicine

The purpose of preventive healthcare is to screen for acute or chronic diseases and address these health issues before they get worse. Potential health risks like obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol can bring a ton of problems in the future.

Preventive medicine also covers discussion on how to quit smoking or limit alcohol use. Patients are also encouraged to pursue a healthy lifestyle, which includes regular exercise and proper diet. Also an integral part in preventive healthcare are vaccinations, which must be kept up-to-date.

Why Is Preventive Healthcare Important?

Regular checkups are crucial for long-term good health. A person may feel fine while, unknown to him or her, suffering from a health disorder. Conditions like high blood sugar and hypertension can be silent killers. People may not know they have it until the symptoms appear or the condition worsens.

Recognizing these health issues and actively doing something to stop them is a vital aspect to long-lasting good health. This can be achieved through preventive medicine, particularly regular checkups. Whether it's a simple blood test or a scheduled colon cancer screening, these medical tests contribute to the betterment of a person's health.


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