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You Should Never Ignore These 6 Symptoms

It is quite normal for people to experience some pain or discomfort. Most aches do not have an underlying serious condition. But there are instances where some signs should be taken seriously. If you or your loved ones have experienced any of these 6 symptoms, it is crucial that you get them checked by a doctor.

Weakness in the Arms and Legs

Do you feel numbness or weakening in your arms or legs? This is something you should not disregard. More especially if it happens only on one side of the body, in which case it may be indicative of a stroke.

This sensation may also be accompanied by balance problems, dizziness or difficulty walking. If this episode comes with a bad headache, slurred speech or confusion, seek medical attention immediately.

Chest Pain

Better safe than sorry, that’s what Shilpi Agarwal, of One Medical Group in Washington D.C., said: “Any chest pain, especially accompanied by sweating, pressure, shortness of breath, or nausea, should be evaluated by a medical professional right away.”

Chest pain can have an underlying condition such as heart attack or heart disease. When your chest feels tight and it continues to persist for a few minutes, call the doctor right away.

Pain or Tenderness in the Back Part of the Lower Leg

This is indicative of DVT, or deep vein thrombosis – the formation of a blood clot in the legs. This usually happens when you’ve sitting or lying in bed for a long time. Upon standing up or walking, you may feel some discomfort.

When this happens, it’s best not to tough it out. Call the doctor when you feel heat or discomfort and/or see redness or swelling in your lower leg.

Traces of Blood in Urine

If you see blood in your urine and feel pain in your side or back, it may be a sign of kidney stone formation. While most stones pass through eventually, in some cases they may need a doctor’s help to remove them.


Periodic, scheduled, comprehensive wellness evaluations are an integral part of your direct care at Skypark. By insisting that each one of our members receives a detailed evaluation regularly, we can prevent serious problems or identify them early so we can deal with them more easily.

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