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5 Common Symptoms That You Shouldn’t Take for Granted

While most instances of pain or discomfort are usually ignored and are not signs of serious health trouble, there are certain exceptional symptoms that should be looked into further. If you have experienced any of these sensations, get in touch with a doctor as soon as possible.

Weakness or Numbness in the Extremities

Have you felt numb or weak in the arms or legs? This is a common indicator of a stroke, especially when the sensation is felt on only one side of the body. As a sign of a stroke, weakness or numbness in the extremities may be accompanied by loss of balance, difficulty when walking, nausea and dizziness.

Get emergency help if you suddenly don’t see well, get confused, experience slurred speech, problems with understanding or a severe headache.

Chest Pain

Chest pain is often confused with heartburn. However, when it is accompanied by profuse sweating, nausea, chest pressure or shortness of breath, seek medical assistance immediately.

Under the foregoing circumstances, chest pain may be associated with heart disease. It may also be taken as a sign of a blood clot in the lungs.

Pain or Tenderness in the Back Area of the Lower Leg

When this happens, have yourself checked for deep vein thrombosis (DVT). The sensation is a symptom of blood clot in the leg, resulting from sitting for prolonged hours as when on a long plane ride or being in bed for a long time.

If there is blood clotting, pain is usually felt when you walk or stand. This may also be accompanied by swelling.

Blood in the Urine

If this experience is accompanied by pain in the sides or back, it indicates the presence of kidney stones. To ascertain this condition, X-ray images or ultrasound may be taken. Other symptoms of kidney stone problems include frequent urges to urinate and having a burning sensation during urination.

Wheezing or Breathing Difficulties

If you notice that you’re wheezing or making whistling sounds every time you breathe, get yourself checked. Labored breathing can be an indicator of serious conditions like lung disease, asthma or severe allergies. Exposure to harmful chemicals can also cause these symptoms.


Periodic, scheduled, comprehensive wellness evaluations are an integral part of your direct care at Skypark. By insisting that each one of our members receives a detailed evaluation regularly, we can prevent serious problems or identify them early so we can deal with them more easily.

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