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Heart Disease

There are eight main types of heart disease. Each type has its own set of symptoms, although some may not be noticeable.

Coronary artery disease symptoms include pain or discomfort in the chest, shortness of breath, abnormal heartbeat and nausea.

In a heart attack, the patient may feel heaviness or pain in the chest as well as numbness in the left arm. There is also a sensation similar to heartburn. The discomfort may radiate to the jaw and throat. These symptoms may last for up to 30 minutes. If you believe you or a loved one is having a heart attack, call for emergency help immediately.

Heart failure shares similar symptoms with the foregoing heart conditions. Other symptoms include palpitations, breathing difficulties at night and abnormal changes in sleep patterns.

Arrhythmia symptoms include chest pounding or discomfort, heart palpitations, dizziness or nausea, fatigue and shortness of breath.

A patient with heart valve disease may experience dizziness, breathing difficulties, nausea or fainting and chest discomfort during physical activity. If this worsens to heart failure, symptoms may include swelling of the feet, ankles or abdomen. Quick weight gain may also be possible.

Congenital heart disease may have symptoms such as irregular breathing, causing a limited ability to engage in physical activity. This condition also shares similar symptoms with heart failure and heart valve disease.

Cardiomyopathy symptoms include swelling of the lower extremities, fatigue, nausea and fluttering in the chest as a result of heart palpitations.

The most common symptom of pericarditis is chest pain. The sharp discomfort originates from the center of the chest, which radiates to the neck, arms and back. There may also be fever and unusual heart rate.


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