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Did you know being overweight or obese can greatly increase the risk of a wide gamut of health disorders? As the BMI (body mass index) increases, so does a woman's risk of developing coronary heart disease. High blood pressure is also closely associated with obesity.

Plaque buildup in the inside walls of the arteries is highly common in obesity, which can be a life-threatening condition since it can trigger a stroke.

Diabetes is another closely related condition related to obesity or being overweight. When blood sugar levels are too high, it can contribute to the risk of coronary heart disease, kidney problems, stroke and vision loss.

Being overweight or obese can also increase the likelihood of developing joint problems in the lower back, hips and knees. Known as osteoarthritis, extra weight can lead to more pressure on these joints, causing pain and immobility. Obesity is also associated with sleep apnea a condition in which there are pauses in breathing during sleep.

Overweight or obese women may also experience reproductive health disorders like menstrual issues and infertility.

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