Genetic Analysis

What Is Genetic Analysis?

Genetic analysis, or genetic testing, examines the genetic information inside your cells. This is called DNA. We use DNA to determine if you have or will develop a certain disease or could pass a disease to your children. The benefit of knowing this information is that almost all genetic predispositions to diseases are not deterministic, meaning that even if you have a gene abnormality, your lifestyle choices can help ward off the onset of the disease. Knowing this information can influence how we treat your medical conditions and even affect the dietary recommendations we give you. Most diseases are preventable, even if you are genetically predisposed at birth.

Genetic testing will take on new emphasis in the future as genetic research continues to advance. As knowledge expands and scientists discover more methods to identify and treat various diseases, people will face more difficult decisions about their own genetic makeup. Let us help you navigate that path.

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